Unsere Settings für den BSI

Our settings for the BSI

Below we have listed our settings that we used in the nine-month test phase of the BSI.
They are intended to serve as an orientation and starting point for anyone who is just starting out with bot trading.

parameter Attitude
target profit 1.5%
opening signal Open Long/ Open Short Alarm BSI
Timeframe for the opening alarm 3 minutes
base order volume 5% of the funds available for the BSI
security order volume 25% of the funds available for the BSI
Maximum number of bot safety trades 3
Course deviation for opening the first bot security order (Deviation) 2.5%
Security order volume factorization (volume scale) 2.4
Step Scale factorization 2.5
order type limit
Add Funds alerts from the BSI Active
Timeframe for the Add Funds function 15 minutes
Volume for the Add Funds function 5% of the funds available for the BSI

These values ​​do not represent a trading recommendation, but the documentation of our parameters.

Please note: We permanently have ten times the amount available in liquid form at short notice to protect ourselves against excessive leverage.

These are not necessarily FIAT currencies or stablecoins, but can also be spot values. Crucially, we can activate funds within 24 hours to add additional funds to the account if needed, thus reducing position leverage,

Would you also like to trade automatically?

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