Wick Hunter is an American crypto bot trading provider. In 2020 they started their development on GitHub and now have their own platform.

Technically, the platform convinces us due to the very fast order execution - the Wick Hunter trade engine needs an average of just half a second to process trading signals and forward them to the connected exchange.

For comparison: other systems usually need up to 30 seconds for this.

In combination with our bot scalping indicator, this platform definitely convinces us from a technical point of view.

In addition, the Wick Hunter developers are very close to their community - their Discord server has over 2500 members. Community members can post their suggestions for improvement; the most valuable and popular suggestions are implemented.

Another plus is that the service is free to use; All you have to do is create a trading account with the Bybit crypto exchange and use Wick Hunter's referral code during the registration process.

A referral code entitles Wick Hunter to earn commission on the trading fees that you would pay anyway when trading at Bybit. In this way, Wick Hunter can finance the development and operation of the platform while you do not incur any additional costs - in our opinion a real win-win situation!

If you want to opt for Wick Hunter's free bot service, please use our Wick Hunter referral link: