Mizar is a trading bot provider for trading cryptocurrencies and derivative crypto products based in the Bahamas.


Here is Mizar: Mizar - Best crypto-asset management tools for copy trading & trading bots!

Mizar has found a user-friendly funding structure by not requiring monthly subscriptions or upfront purchases. They charge fees on executed trades based on trading volume. In this way you can discover the world of automated crypto trading without having to bear any initial costs.


Find out more about this via the following link: https://mizar.com/pricing


You can use all products and features of the platform without restrictions right from the start. This includes:


  • A marketplace with the ability to copy trade and subscribe to signals from providers
  • DCA bots (these are required for our bot scalping indicator)
  • API Bots: API bots allow you to connect to 3rd party software and fully manage your trades using the Mizar trading infrastructure
  • Smart Trading: You can use Mizar as your trading portal to also execute, monitor and exit manual trades
  • Paper Trading: You can test new strategies risk-free with "play money" before you apply them live


Mizar offers API connection options to the largest and most important crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKX and ByBit.


Two things in particular convinced us to enter into a partnership with Mizar:


Mizar has uncomplicated, fast 24/7 support. They also have a discord server with almost 2000 members, on which it is easy to exchange information and the Mizar employees can be reached quickly. Friendly, competent and fast support set standards here!


Also at Mizar your funds are not kept. So you still have full control over your funds, which are only available on your exchange. This and the best possible security protocols and measures allow your funds and assets to be safely under your control.


If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to create a Mizar account, you are welcome to use our referral link: https://app.mizar.com/sign-up?referrer_id=c8bf7782123